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    1. Local Rules

      Cover Page / Foreword / Contents / Chronology
      Updated 06/18/2020

      Civil Rules
      Updated 06/18/2020

      Criminal Rules
      Updated 04/15/2019

      Patent Rules
      Updated 06/06/2018

      Appendix A
      Amended Plan for Random Selection of Grand and Petit Jurors

      Appendix B
      Documents Associated With Civil Cases Pending in NDGA

      Appendix C
      Plan for Achieving Prompt Disposition of Criminal Cases

      Appendix D
      Plan for Criminal Justice Act of 1964, as Amended

      Appendix E
      Forfeiture of Collateral Schedule in Misdemeanor and Petty Offenses

      Appendix F
      Assignment of Civil Cases to Tracks for Discovery

      Appendix G
      Rules Governing Committee on Discipline
      Updated 11/01/2018

      Appendix H
      Electronic Case Filing and Administrative Procedures (includes Standing Order 16-01)
      Updated 04/15/2019