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    1. Standing Orders

      Standing Order 19-01: See Appendix H, N.D. Ga Local Rules

      Standing Order 18-01 Filed: 02/12/2018

      Order In re: Referral and Assignment of Civil Cases and Matters to Magistrate Judges as Amended

      Standing Order 14-02 Filed: 08/15/2014

      Order In re: Referral and Assignment of Criminal Cases and Matters to Magistrate Judges

      Standing Order 10-02 Filed: 03/10/2010

      Order In re: Authority to Refund Erroneous or Duplicate On-Line Filing Fee Payments

      Standing Order 09-02 Filed: 12/02/2009

      Order In re: Substitution of Custody of Federal Prisoners in the Richard B. Russell Federal Building

      Standing Order 09-01 Filed: 09/16/2009

      Order In re: Issuance of Subpoenas to Pro Se Litigants

      Standing Order 08-03 Filed: 08/08/2008

      Order In re: Procedures for Applying for Attorney's Fees

      Standing Order 08-02 Filed: 06/12/2008

      Order In re: Electronic Availability of Official Transcripts

      Standing Order 07-05 Filed: 07/09/2007

      Order In re: Interpreters Accompanying Attorneys of Federal Defendants in Local Detention Facilities

      Standing Order 07-04 Filed: 09/12/2007

      Order In re: Dismissal of Remaining Counts after Sentencing in Criminal Cases

      Standing Order 07-02 Filed: 01/30/2007

      Order In re: Consent to Proceed Before Magistrate Judge

      Standing Order 07-01 Filed: 01/30/2007

      Order In re: Allowing Color Guard Ceremonial Weapons, Still Cameras and Camera Phones At Court Conducted Naturalization Ceremonies

      Standing Order 04-02 Filed: 07/28/2004

      Adopting A Policy On Sensitive Information And Public Access To Electronic Case Files